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HARI RAYA SALE (HRS) Up to 20% discounts

Top Rated Musical Instruments at affordable prices.....

Examination Series Upright Piano HRS from RM 9,920 (WM) + | RM 10,420 (EM) +
Professional Series Grand Piano HRS from RM 26,330 (WM) + | RM 27,650 (EM) +


HAILUN wins MMR Magazine Acoustic Piano Line of the Year, two years in a row!

2013 Acoustic Piano Line of the Year - HAILUN HG 178 Grand Piano

In 2012, it came as surprise that longtime winner as "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year", the Kawai K-3, was dethroned by China's Hailun Upright Piano. This year, Hailun flat-out dominated, although this time it was the HG178 Grand Piano heading to the winner's circle by Musical Merchandise Review Magazine (MMR)"

Hailun is rated as Upper Level Consumer Grade Piano, equal and in some cases already surpasses the quality of many Japanese & Korean pianos; pianobuyer.com latest rating....

Terms & Conditions apply | WM: West Malaysia & EM: East Malaysia

HARI RAYA SALE (HRS) Up to 45% discounts

High End Piano at affordable prices.....

World's No.1 Selling European-made pianoWagner Piano Petrof Grand PI Mistral
Hand-crafted in Czech Republic since 1864

PETROF Upright Piano
Model: PE 125 (49")
HRS Price: RM 33,000 (WM) | RM 34,650 (EM)

PETROF Grand Piano
Model: Pe 173 Breeze (5' 8")

HRS Price: RM 150,100 (WM) | RM 157,560 (EM)

Terms & Conditions apply | Limited Units Only | WM: West Malaysia & EM: East Malaysia

Wagner Piano QRS LogoWhy settle for just a grand piano, when you can have PNOmation II?

Turn your grand piano into player piano to entertain your guests and enjoy the music without the need of a pianist. PNOmation II system can be retrofitted into any new and/or used grand piano. If you are interested in having a state-of-the art PNOmation II system installed into your piano, please contact us

Genio Piano Silent System (available for upright piano)

Why settle for just an upright piano without a silent system?

Enjoy your music on your piano fitted with a silent system without changing its original touch.

The piano becomes completely silent, allowing you to play the piano ANY TIME without disturbing the neighbours or other people in your household.

It has a complete connectivity (including standard MIDI), which opens possibilities for editing your music easy, register, use a bank grand piano sounds by connecting to a computer, for example, or a casing expander sounds.

Genio Piano Silent System can be installed into just about any used or new upright piano, for enquiries

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